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Music and the Arts had always been an integral part of the houshold. She was born in Warsaw, Poland, grew up in Austria, then attended a nuns girls‘ school back in Poland, at the time being she is living in Germany. Piano, violin and guitar lessons, the Arts, the nuns, studied languages and humanities, frequent house moving not only left an imprint, they have spun the soul’s fabric into what it is now – a rare mixture, soft but tear-proof, thin as a veil, controversial against the background of all hijab debates, at times thick and rough as biker leather. Against the odds, through the thickett of various projects, teachers, downs and ups, failures and successes (in this exact order) she landed at the Institute for Music in Osnabrück with first class music teachers and a personalised and supportive musical setting. All that is supposedly in the music, but look for yourself. 

Lessons and workshops taken with Anne Hartkamp, Tineke Postma, Caroline McPherson, Daniel Mattar, Maria Helmin, Romy Camerun, Fay Claassen, Simin Tander, Andreas Wahl, Efrat Alony, Christian McBride, Christoph Hillmann, David Friedman and others.
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Photo © Gilles Soubeyrand


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