In “De Profundis” Mateo and her band show the experience accrued through the past few years of extended touring. The singer herself captivates not just through intensity but also through restraint.Norbert Krampf

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“This voice has its own story to tell“, writes Die ZEIT about one of the new faces of modern jazz: Natalia Mateo. She is a wanderer between the worlds – musically and in real life. Presenting her ACT-debut “Heart of Darkness”, she invites to a thrilling musical journey where she draws from the Slavic ballad tradition, from American jazz and from contemporary pop and rock music.

Released: March 27th, 2015

The debut album of the polish singer Natalia Mateo is a confession of love to the slavic tradition. This music is deracinated, like jazz. It defines itself through its dissonant sounds, its cries and frantic pace. It is distressing, intimate, beautiful, angry, rough and soft, deep, cliché-ridden, mature, fragile and bewitching.
The album is still available on concerts and on all online music streaming and download shops.

Released: September 23rd, 2013